Naguib Mahfouz

Naguib Mahfouz was an Egyptian writer who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1988 for his works that explore philosophical and cultural themes.

Umm Kulthum

Umm Kulthum was a legendary Egyptian singer and actress known as the 'Star of the East', whose powerful voice and emotional performances captivated audiences.

Anwar Sadat

Anwar Sadat was the third President of Egypt and played a key role in the Camp David Accords, earning him the Nobel Peace Prize in 1978.

Zahi Hawass

Zahi Hawass is an Egyptian archaeologist and former Minister of Antiquities. He is known for his efforts in preserving Egypt's historical heritage.


Shadia was a beloved Egyptian actress and singer known for her contributions to Egyptian cinema and her impact on the entertainment industry.

Omar Sharif

Omar Sharif was an Egyptian actor known for his roles in iconic films like 'Lawrence of Arabia' and 'Doctor Zhivago', gaining international recognition.

Farouk El-Baz

Farouk El-Baz is a prominent Egyptian-American scientist who worked with NASA on the Apollo lunar program and contributed to space exploration.


Shankaboot is an animated web series created by Mohamed Ghazala that addresses social issues in Cairo through the adventures of a young delivery boy.

Laila Murad

Laila Murad was a celebrated Egyptian singer and actress known for her melodious voice and charismatic performances during the golden age of cinema.

Ahmed Zewail

Ahmed Zewail was an Egyptian-American scientist and Nobel laureate who pioneered the field of femtochemistry, studying chemical reactions on an ultrafast timescale.